Move That Dough PROUDLY supports Girls Rock CharlotteIf you haven’t heard, Girls Rock is a nationwide camp that exists to help girls and gender diverse youth find their voice and their power. Girls Rock uses music as the catalyst for empowering these youth, and does so all as a non-profit. Volunteers, passionate women, and mentors gear up for a full week of building teams through bands of 5 members, all learning their instrument and writing a song, while attending workshops on topics like using social media in a positive way, deconstructing media, and self-perception as taught to us by our culture.

Kelly and Shannon, as well as Krystle and many of the other women who lead Girls Rock Charlotte, are passionate and empowered feminists. Yes! We LOVE our brothers and our men, and we love the camps provided for them….but we are very, very excited to offer a camp for girls. Girls Rock Charlotte offers workshops throughout the year as well, and Lady Rockstars here in Charlotte is a beautiful concept for women in music for those of us who are over that age range.

Girls Rock Charlotte is getting a jump on fundraising for scholarships and to make the camp HAPPEN on July 18th through 23rd! Click here to donate and to help us sponsor some really amazing opportunities for the girls of Charlotte this summer!

We are asking just $10. If 10 of you give that, that’s $100 already! And here’s how Move That Dough Baking Co will sweeten the deal…

We’ll be collecting cash donations on site at Central Coffee Co on Wednesday and Thursday this week (June 1st and 2nd), and if you donate to Girls Rock Charlotte in an amount of $10 or more, we’ll give you a free donut with your next order or email you a voucher to claim one at a pop-up (with advance notice, just so we can be prepared for you and have the flavor you want!)

Email Kacie at with something about GIRLS ROCK in the subject line. Let her know you donated, and we will get it going from there!

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