We plan on hosting guest chefs and a rotating staff of really talented individuals while a core team holds it down throughout it all. So meet the Move That Dough team!

Meet Kacie
Kacie is the head of the Move That Dough team. Born and raised in Omaha and happily making home in Charlotte since 2013, Kacie began her baking career at a family-owned cookie shop over a decade ago.  Naturally, the coffee world followed.  Pastries and coffee have remained in her scope ever since, maintaining prominence throughout the Omaha area baking and coffee communities, and now in Charlotte.  Kacie has supported her industry by assisting entrepreneurs and start ups in historic Omaha to facilitating vegan and locally sourced menus in Charlotte.

Move That Dough Team head Kacie Smagacaz

As a female entrepreneur, Kacie founded her own photography company that focused on portraiture and wedding photography while simultaneously maintaining her love for baking and coffee by working in local shops, and diving into food photography as a hobby for her food blog.

Kacie believes in the connections that food, beverages and service make for community.

Upon moving to Charlotte, she began falling in love with Plaza Midwood and the surrounding neighborhoods. A huge catalyst in this love connection was her home base of Central Coffee. Central Coffee happily serves the Plaza Midwood/Noda/Elizabeth neighborhoods, and all who venture through the doors become friends. These friends, and their dietary restrictions and preferences are exactly why Move That Dough Baking Co. has developed into its own entity.