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The Latest & Greatest from Move That Dough Baking Co

vegan desserts from Move That Dough Baking CoWe’ve been busy around Move That Dough Baking Co! Here are a few updates from Kacie…

Franny Lu the Food Truck has been getting some pretty serious work done the last couple of weeks.  When we got to the flooring, Rick was quick about getting the old boards out and  what we found under that?  Needed some real love.

Today I am so grateful for the skilled mind and hands of Midnight of Iron Giant Fabrication.  (Find him on Instagram – @themidnightace ). Midnight has been such an encouragement to me.  Not only has he honestly assessed the issues, he has been alongside to help narrow down options and has also helped me start a priority list for the bare minimums of getting this girl up and going.  He has built a load-bearing subfloor frame which he then has been welding onto the pre-existing frame.

She drives better already, feels stronger… and he’s not even done!

I am searching and researching for the right generator for Franny, as well as our fresh and grey water tanks and a filtration system, while trying to also catch up with the paperwork side of things.  Balance!

We have three solar panels that I hope to be able to incorporate into the power supply for our truck, and I am also aiming to make connections to receive more education about that, too!

Pop-Up News – Come out and see us!

This week, Move That Dough Baking Co will have donuts available at the c3 lab.  They’ll have Behailu Academy students showing their work and performing for a couple hours. They will also have beer and a photography exhibit running from 7pm to 10pm on Friday the 29th! We’ll have donuts there starting around 7pm and will hang out throughout the eve while they last. Come support local art and artists and do something fun this Friday!

Our First Charlotte VegFest Experience

Charlotte VegFest Vegan Donuts by Move That Dough Baking CoCharlotte VegFest. Wow! What a ride.

Kacie woke up to a house with no power, due to a rain storm, and about one thousand donuts to transfer to the event. By the grace and help and manpower of the Move That Dough team that day, we did it, though.

We set up a fan, plugged in to some power, and got to icing every type of donut we could, as fast as we could. When the five-minute warning happened, we felt good. We felt organized. We had some of each kind ready and waiting for the VegFest crowd

Well…that crowd was ready and waiting, too! I looked up to see a line of faces, and I couldn’t wait to serve every single one with something we prepared…or at least try to!

We had a great variety of our vegan donuts: fresh apple cinnamon, coffee cake, peanut butter chocolate, triple blueberry, and fresh strawberry, as well as double fudge and coco(nut) – which I love. We also had little hooty hoo cupcakes and barbecue jackfruit-filled ballers (bbq courtesy of chef Shawn Harrison of Tephra).

We can only imagine what our next experience will be like, with all the learning of this event under our belt.

We were so, so astounded by the whole team who put on Charlotte VegFest. And we couldn’t even BEGIN to describe how excited we were by our fellow vendors! A few of our special shout outs to our fellow vendors go to: Dreamy Leaf for their gluten-free, refined oil-free deliciousness;  he Masa Casa for their life-saving tamales; Nourish on winning the mac and cheez competition; and to Greener Supply Co for providing compostables.

If you came out to see the Move That Dough Baking Co team at Charlotte VegFest, THANK YOU for your support! If not, no worries! Plan on coming out next year. And if you want to help make next year’s event  even better, you can donate to support the VegFest at (write “CLT VegFest” in the dedication line) or fill out the feedback survey.

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Vegan Donuts Rule the World!

vegan donutsDonuts and pastries are a “thing” for a lot of families and people.  It was a thing in my family, for sure. My dad is the king of donuts…very specific old donuts from Pettits Pastry back in Omaha. Our basement fridge was the guardian of this GIANT box of 50+ donuts of all kinds.  My brother and I would strategically choose the cream filled long johns first and then the chocolate glazed ones, then the French donuts and old fashioned donuts, a few frosted ones too, avoiding the Bavarian cream and the slightly-too-old day olds.

But vegan donuts?  To us, this just means more donuts for more people.  Less use of animals = less negative impact on your body and also the earth. What’s not to love?

We don’t use eggs, because of cholesterol.  And every egg in a donut recipe is a chicken you’re eating and not knowing about…just for a donut.  That just ain’t necessary, y’all.

We don’t use butter, again because of cholesterol, world health, and your health.

We use flax because of its fiber!

We use coconut oil and alternate oils that are better for your body.

We use unrefined and organic flour and sugar so no sweat on worrying about that.  We offer donuts made without gluten too!

So the donut thing can still be an ok thing for you, your body, your fam, and your world.

Ready to chow down on some vegan donuts yourself? Join us at Broken Spoke this Saturday, April 30th,  for donuts and waffles and pour over coffee service from 11am to 3pm!  (Coffee beans sponsored thru our fam at central coffee!) Eat up!

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