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June’s Vegan Brunch Recap + Self Love

June Vegan Brunch with Move That Dough Baking CoThis past week we had a really fun vegan brunch with Krystal and Jenny featuring Chef Shawn Harrison of Tephra!

Kacie made a lot of hootie hoos (our version of a ho ho, but vegan and not bad for ya), waffles on waffles, donuts and coffee! Shawn made a delicious spread of savory options including grits and veggies with a tofu scramble!

After the vegan brunch event, it was time to take care of the other side of self for Kacie… and waterfalls it was, which she found with a quick jaunt to the mountains.

Mental health and protecting your own well-being is so important.  Mental health is directly related to physical health, and the food we put into our bodies also impacts both.  Find some time this week to find rest and joy in the ways that are most natural to you.  You know those things you loved and that captivated you when you were 6 and still at 16 and now at 26 or 36 or 86?  Do that.  Sleep in for a minute.  Let the dishes sit.  Be where you are and find strength in gratitude for that place, and who you’re there with.

Photo: Chef Shawn Harrison’s Instagram
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Brunch Babes – A Vegan Brunch Recap

vegan brunch at the broken spoke with move that dough baking coYears ago on Sundays, I would host brunch at my home for friends. Sometimes instruments would come out, and there was a lot of light and laughter.

Brunch is my favorite thing to cook – not to eat, but to cook.  As a baker, it’s something that translates for me.  Making lighter baked goods, sweet but not TOO sweet to start your day with.

And balancing savory and sweet needs for a whole meal?  That’s where Chef Shawn Harrison came in this past round of Vegan Brunch, so graciously hosted by our friends at The Broken Spoke again!

So many familiar faces stopped by at the Vegan Brunch event, and so many new friends were made over vegan waffles with an array of toppings (including house-made walnut streusel, organic maple, fresh berries, blackberry lime compote, almond butter and more!)

We had SO many donuts that we didn’t expect to sell out, but that crowd came hungry and ready to have a beautiful Saturday together. (Did we mention our vegan donuts are awesome?)

Chef Shawn created a DELICIOUS bowl of grits and veggies alongside deliciously balanced chai banana cast-iron skillet bread!  I was in awe.

Pour-over coffee was ready and waiting thanks to Jenny of Middleman Extracts/Most tenured barista over at Central Coffee Co, who also sponsored our coffee beans!  Jenny chose an organic Peru from Joe Van Gogh and it paired perfectly with every single thing we offered that day.

I can’t remember a single face that wasn’t smiling that day and I am SO grateful for an amazing Vegan Brunch event.

Thanks to Shawn, Axu, Jenny, Phil for repping MTD with me this week!

This upcoming week, catch us Friday night at Aerial CLT for their Spring Showcase! If you’ve thought about trying out aerial clt, come see this and get some vegan goodies!

And Saturday, find us at the Art Hole. We will be there from 10am until we sell out or mid-afternoon. The event goes from 10am to 5pm, so come see amazing art, get some treats and drinks!

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