Move that Dough Baking Co @ Legion BrewingMeet Move that Dough Baking Co @ Legion Brewing! Here are the deets:

Who: Move That Dough Baking Co. and Chef Cat of Terra Flora Fine Plant Foods are inviting you to SCREAM..for a dang break!  With or without the kids, come have some ice cream, beer, and baked goods!

What: Legion Brewing Company and their brewing masters are KILLING THE GAME with their fun menu.  You can get beer dressed in syrups! Liz Lemon might be one of my favorites…but really?  With offerings like theirs, I haven’t tried a beer there that I haven’t loved.  You can get beer flights, you can pair said beers with some fine, plant-based artisan ice cream…ice cream sandwiches for the combo worlds of Brian and Kacie, and even more treats to keep you sober as you drink on up.

Menu so far?  Well, Chef Cat has some amazing flavors in the works for ice cream- lavender lemon, dark chocolate cherry, mango Thai basil…Move That Dough is creating the bases for cookies for ice cream sandwiches, lavender lemon BARS, a fruit crisp with a streusel that tastes as good as it is good for you – with walnuts and organic cinnamon?  Sure, you can put it on your icecream!  A few donut varieties will be available and Chef Cat also has ice cream available to take home.

When: Wednesday, April 13th, 6-8 pm

Where: Legion Brewing Company

Why? ‘Cause, girl, you’re worth it.  You deserve it. The way you work it. Come have a break. You know you want to meet the team of Move That Dough Baking Co @ Legion Brewing!

Okay…dudes too.

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