Move That Dough Baking Co Kacie SmagaczWhat is Move That Dough Baking Co…exactly?
We are a mobile bakery and we don’t use any animal products!  We are renovating a 1975 Travco RV into our future “food truck”/tiny cafe, where we will provide pour-over and batch coffee, tea, smoothies, and a variety of baked goods that are all vegan!

There’s more to us than just looks…

The goal is to use REAL FOOD to engage the community of Charlotte, NC, by partnering with area nonprofits, organizations, companies, and individuals who seek to see Charlotte THRIVE, and to do so ethically.


We want to do GOOD and demand GREAT of ourselves and of each other. We aim to use plant-based food to make bodies HEALTHY, and we will do so in a DELICIOUS way to make stomachs and brains happy!

You are giving, as you are getting.
We are giving a portion of our sales to  Community Charter School of the Arts in Cherry neighborhood to help the ART and MUSIC departments!

We are also giving a portion of our sales to empower young female musicians in Charlotte by donating to scholarships and funding for Girls Rock Charlotte

This means not one purchase will be made without it giving back directly to the growing minds of some really cool kids here in Charlotte.