June Vegan Brunch with Move That Dough Baking CoThis past week we had a really fun vegan brunch with Krystal and Jenny featuring Chef Shawn Harrison of Tephra!

Kacie made a lot of hootie hoos (our version of a ho ho, but vegan and not bad for ya), waffles on waffles, donuts and coffee! Shawn made a delicious spread of savory options including grits and veggies with a tofu scramble!

After the vegan brunch event, it was time to take care of the other side of self for Kacie… and waterfalls it was, which she found with a quick jaunt to the mountains.

Mental health and protecting your own well-being is so important.  Mental health is directly related to physical health, and the food we put into our bodies also impacts both.  Find some time this week to find rest and joy in the ways that are most natural to you.  You know those things you loved and that captivated you when you were 6 and still at 16 and now at 26 or 36 or 86?  Do that.  Sleep in for a minute.  Let the dishes sit.  Be where you are and find strength in gratitude for that place, and who you’re there with.

Photo: Chef Shawn Harrison’s Instagram
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